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An Emma Davis Romance: Book one

"A fabulously feel-good romance that will make you laugh till you cry and leave you wanting to live life to the fullest." 

Ranked #1 Romance Novel in 2022 by OBC's 2+million readers!

BookFest Award Winner: Contemporary Fiction 2022


Growing up on a farm to a penniless family, Emma Davis only dreamed about making it in Hollywood one day… and now here she is, living the life in Los Angeles, and flying to the Cannes Film Festival to walk her first-ever red carpet. 


The night before the event, Emma and her film-costar Annie Stewart, take a train along the coast to visit the Monte-Carlo Casino in Monaco; known as the richest place in the world, with marble streets and ornate buildings adorned with gold finishes, situated at the edge of the Mediterranean sea. 


When Emma has a chance rendezvous with wealthy Londoner Trent Collins, the sparks fly faster than chips on the poker table. Their worlds are turned upside-down in an unexpected night of steamy passion, changing the course of fate forever.


But will she be able to love again? Can they fight through the pressures of new-found celebrityism, living separate lives, in cities that are oceans apart? Now they must decide if they're ready to take a risk and make the biggest gamble of all... on that of true love.

Book no.1
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