Every piece of communication you send is a reflection of your professionalism and character.  


Learn how to get your point across clearer, more effectively, and achieve your end result faster.


Written for working professionals, "Effective Business Writing" contains detailed lessons on advanced writing styles and methods, as well as hands-on exercises to improve your communication skills in every form of communication that exists today. 


Everything is covered that successful businesses require, from creating simple online text messages, concise emails, engaging video conferences, to longer more complicated written correspondence. 


Better communication = better business.

The Text Book - learn texting in business settings
The Text Book - Don't be a Joe and learn to text better!

The Text Book

Tips, Quips, and Scripts to help you text better!


Improve your texting and communications overall with this fun and easy-to-use pocket guide which includes:    


* Avoiding the 7 Texting Pitfalls with tips on what to do if you’re in one NOW!    

* Improve the subtext of your text messages and tap into the true intentions of what you’re trying to say.      

* Learn modern Text-iquette (texting etiquette): When is it okay to use ALL CAPS? Are naked pictures okay? What does this acronym mean… should I use it?  Who cares about commas? How many emoticons is too many?    


* Take the "Texting Personality" quiz to discover your unique texting personality… are you an Entertainer? Comforter? Executive? Or Scientist?  Learn more about your texting traits and how to communicate better with others.    


* Texting Basics 101:  Learn how to schedule a text to send in the future, how to see if your message was read or not, the best way to store photos, and when and why to switch between SMS and MMS.  


Still unsure what to say?  The Text Book includes hundreds of sample text messages for every occasion… like 100 ways to say hello, responses to off-putting messages, flirty texts for asking someone out and dating, ways to say ‘I’m sorry’, and texts to show concern and sympathy. Simply choose a sample text, and send!  This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to improve their texting and communication abilities.


BETTER texting = BETTER communication = BETTER relationships.  Text Better Today!

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