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Love is in the Air (via text!)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

August 10, 2020

This month's blog is partially inspired by my niece's wedding on the 4th... so whether you're single, dating, or married here are 3 easy texts to build more love in your life. You can use these with romantic interests, friendships, or even family!

Before you can truly love someone else, I believe you must truly love yourself. This topic goes well beyond the subject of a texting blog, but don't put the cart before the horse... you are wonderfully and beautifully made! Be proud of who you are and find that love and happiness within. That said, use these following suggestions to create texts that will build love with those around you.

  1. Text a sincere compliment that is specific to that person. Let someone know that you've noticed the details about them. Although any compliment can be well-received, we all love to be valued for our uniqueness and authenticity. A more specific compliment often generates higher levels of positive feelings and appreciation than a more generic one. So instead of just texting "You're beautiful," think about what it is that makes that person beautiful to you and text that. Examples: "You're so beautiful... I love seeing how your green eyes light up when you smile." or "Thank you for breakfast... I love your Mickey Mouse pancakes! lol... you bring the fun even at 7am. :)" Remember... be specific!

  2. Express how they make you feel. If you want to build connection, another way is to start with how you are feeling. Before you run and hide under the covers, start with something small and build from there! Don't go expressing undying love to a stranger! How do you know it's undying love anyways?! Instead think about a recent time the person made you laugh or did something nice for you, and how you felt afterwards... were you happy? Did you laugh? Sharing your positive reaction can reap positive rewards. Examples: "I'm still laughing about your joke... lol :) Thank you - I so needed that!" or "Hey thank you again for helping me with my car last week... I was really stuck and it meant so much. <3 "

  3. Share a memory. Remind a friend or partner about a special shared memory... maybe a private moment from a vacation, belly-laughing over a movie, even a certain song that makes your heart swell. Text a photo that represents that memory, and take them back with a sentence or two about why it's special to you. This type of text will help rekindle that smile or laugh with them too. Examples: "Remember this? What I wouldn't give to be there now." or "I was just reminiscing about .... it really made me smile <3"

I hope these texting tips help you build better and stronger connections with everyone in your life that you love!

Remember The Text Book is always there too - filled with even more tips and scripts to help get you through those 'what do I say?!' moments. Use the code LOVELY to get 25% off the instant download!

Until next time... spread the love!! We all need it. :)

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