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New Year... New You! The Best Texting Tips for 2021

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Here are the best texting tips and strategies to help you meet those 2021 resolutions for staying fit, losing weight, giving up alcohol, or finding love!  Texting can do all that?? Well... it sure can help. Happy 2021!!

Resolution #1: I want to lose weight / eat better / get healthier

This resolution may be on nearly everyone's list and comes in many shapes and sizes (no pun intended!). The goal here is to make small daily choices that align with your overall goal... Rome wasn't built in one day and typically this goal requires retraining habits that you may have been doing for years. How can texting help? Here are sample messages you can copy/paste when you're invited for a non-healthy outing:

  1. "Heyyyy you know I love pizza, but I've really been wanting to try out [healthy restaurant option]. How's that sound?

  2. "Thanks for the invite! I'm trying to stick with my fitness goals... how's a walk and catch up sess instead? Let's kill it running the city stairs 10x? haha"

The key thing with your reply is that you're not saying "no" and that you suggest a healthier alternative that fits more with your resolution. Small changes like this will add up to big differences over time, and this gives your friends/family the heads up that you're on a new path.

Resolution #2: I want to quit drinking alcohol / do "dry" January / give up hard liquor

Taking a break from drinking alcohol is a healthy choice that's becoming increasingly popular for it's emotional and physical health benefits. Some people are choosing to do it for a week, a month, or just deciding to give it up altogether for personal reasons. Here are some texts to help you navigate what can be delicate situations when you're invited to social outings.

  1. "Hey so I'm actually trying to do a 'dry' [month]... this'll be alil tough bc you know I like my [alcohol]. Could we do something else instead of the bar? I need to be stronger first lol"

  2. "Thanks for the invite! I want to ask if they'll have non-alcoholic drinks there? If not I can bring some? Lmk."

The main thing here is being open about giving up alcohol and making sure you'll have other options at parties or events, so that you're prepared and less prone to folly.

Resolution #3: I want to write a novel / a screenplay / learn an instrument

This resolution is all about expanding your mind in some way, and learning or trying a new skill or project. I personally love to try new things and go on new adventures... variety is the spice of life and it keeps things interesting! The main thing here with texting, is that you'll need to f.o.c.u.s. on what you're trying to accomplish. Studies have shown that after even a split-second distraction (like the notification ding of your phone) it can take 10x as long to regain concentration on what you were doing. Choose a half-hour or one hour block to focus on your new skill or project and consider trying the following... your mind will thank you!

  1. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode or Airplane mode. *gasp* Don't worry you'll be okay!! The do not disturb feature still allows your "favorite" contacts to ping you but will shut off every notification that comes through. Airplane mode shuts off the network completely. Sometimes you need peace and quiet to focus. #youdoyou

  2. While your phone is on DND, you can also choose to set up an auto-reply feature that informs people you'll be free later and will contact them then.

  3. If you choose not to put your phone on DND or airplane mode, just remember... you do not have to check your phone every time it dings. Whoever it is can most likely wait 5 minutes until you're at a good stopping point and can take a breather.

Resolution #4: I want to find true love / my soulmate / build a better relationship

Since texting is the most commonly used communication method, it's important to know the best ways to express your thoughts and feelings via text, ask the right questions, and hopefully build stronger bridges (a.k.a connections) with the people in your life. Most of this is learning what types of messages will lead you to having in-person or phone conversations, but there are still some fun questions you can text to build rapport and encourage relationships with others.

  1. "Hey! So where's the first place you want to travel to after the pandemic?" then ask why they chose that spot or if they've been there before. You're basically getting them to open up about their dreams and share ideas - not bad right?

  2. "Have you tried anything new during lockdown?" Maybe they'll say they've picked up French cooking or learned to speak Spanish. Ask why they chose that or where the interest stems from. You'll learn more about if they like to challenge themselves and stay active.

The Text Book has loads of sample texts to help get you through many of life's situations... check it out and get 20% the instant download with code WINTER2020, and remember to subscribe to future newsletters/blog post.

Until next time friends... stay safe and stay healthy!! Happy 2021!!

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