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The Politics of Texting and Social Media Messaging

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

With the 2020 Presidential election right around the corner, let's delve into the best ways to share your views and opinions without being offended or unfriended. How is that possible? Read on. p.s. I hope we can still be friends after this post! :-)

If there was ever a time in history that demonstrates the power of our words... it is now. There is so much emotion charged into this upcoming election, and how you express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about it can undoubtedly 100% affect your friendships and relationships.

Sharing your opinion on pizza with mushrooms, for example, will not have the same effect as sharing your opinion on Trump or Biden. However because of sharing opinions (perhaps not in the best way), people have lost life-long relationships, alienating themselves and others. Let's use this moment in history as an opportunity to build a bridge between two sides of the same river. Be a builder.

To preface, I'm definitely not saying your messages should be bland, dull, or uninspired... but using these methods below may help you to share your ideas in a better form, in ways that allow your message to be better received. Also for the record, this post in no way expresses any of my actual political views (sorry/not sorry), but instead encourages you to try these action steps when communicating your thoughts and opinions, so that your true voice is heard loud and clear.

1. Know the power behind your words. Stepping slightly into esoteric realms, consider that words are random characters strewn together, that are meant to be symbolic representations of our thoughts. And what produces thoughts, but feelings? You think a certain way about something, because that's how you're feeling about it. In quantum physics, those base feelings are categorized as either positive or negative, and therefore the words that you're creating in your message are derived from that same positive or negative place. Make sense? Tying this concept together then, the words in any message you post or send are charged with the positive or negative thoughts you're feeling on the topic, and your message will thereby have the same positive or negative end result.

There's a whole chapter in The Text Book that elaborates more on the idea of how quantum physics influences our communications, but realize that *everything*... every message, every text, and every post you send has one of two possible outcomes... it will either heal or hurt; encourage or discourage; help or hinder. And it's a.l.w.a.y.s. true, 100% of the time, in every situation.

The feelings and energy behind our words matter, even the intentions behind a 160-character text message. Energy matters. Action: Use forethought. Before posting something consider what your source feelings are, if they are positive or negative, and then consider what the outcome of the post will be. What is the energy behind your message?

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue." ~Ancient Proverb

2. Use empathy in your posts.

Before making a politically-charged post or sending that text, put your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions aside for 30 seconds and consider things from the other side of the river. Put yourself in their shoes. Why are they so impassioned? What circumstances in their life could have led them to think or feel the way they do? If you're unsure... ask. What??? Ask someone for their opinion rather than spouting off your own? YES, ask and then LISTEN.

Action: Examine your messages to see if you're using social media as your own personal podium to cram your ideas down the throats of others. Incorporating empathy into your posts or texts, will at a minimum demonstrate that you've considered people and opinions other than your own.

3. Be an example. Do you wish that we could be more united, more kind, and more respectful of one another? Take a look at your recent posts and texts to see if you are demonstrating these traits yourself. Are they kind and respectful, or are they more negatively tuned? Look in the mirror and do some inner self-reflection. Consider demonstrating the very qualities you wish were more prevalent in politics and overall society today, letting your posts and texts be an example of those qualities.

Action: Do you wish the world was more united? Be an example of unity. Do you wish to see more kindness? Post politic messages that are kind. (yes that IS possible). It all starts with you my friend.

4. Fake news versus facts... it doesn't matter.

"Alternative truths" as the phrase has been coined are everywhere. Nearly anything can be proved or disproved, statistically speaking. I remember this realization during my college statistics course way back in... well, how old I am is irrelevant!!! If you post or text something that uses the latest scientific evidence and is backed by the top-educated minds of our day, guess what... it doesn't matter. Sorz! Don't get mad. There is so much information and MIS-information out there, each article or briefing saying that it's filled with the best and the latest and greatest evidence of all mankind. And... what if your audience doesn't believe in science or faith or [insert idea here]? There is a flat-earth society who claims to have members from 'around the globe'. Let that sink in for a moment.

Action: Use facts and science in your messages, but realize that even within the audience of your own friends and family - your own kin, flesh, and blood - not everyone will believe in the same things, regardless of faith, facts, or science. Take a breath and reread #3.

"Et tu, Brute?" ~Julius Caesar

Alright peeps, you know I love you all no matter if you're red or blue or purple-stripes with sprinkles. I hope that when you create messages, you'll put these action steps into practice. Share your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions with each other... post away!! Above all, let your voice heard by remembering to VOTE! Check out for information on registering, etc. Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy my friends!

Get the Book: To help you create better posts and messages that build connections and improve relationships with others, check out The Text Book and get the instant download for 25% using the coupon code: VOTE2020.

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