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Below is a listing of recent projects.  Additional projects coming soon!   Interested in telling your story?  Elizabeth is currently available for ghost-writing biographies and original works, screenplay rewrites, and new story development.  Visit the contact page to request information.

Feature Film Projects

Canaan Land
Original Feature Film, Producer
Canaan Land poster

'Canaan Land" is a love story between a charismatic con man preacher who falls in love with a true believer. Her love seeks to redeem him, as he continues to manipulate people with fake miracles, including a stunt with gold dust and feathers he claims are from angels. The film is an unapologetic look at modern religion and televangelism.

Call My By Your Maid
Original Short Film, Composer

The Perlman's maid has strong reactions when an exchange student comes to stay with the family.  (Spoof/Parody of Call Me By Your Name)

Winner Toscars 2018 Best Film

Nominated Toscars 2018 Best Song

All Saints Eve
Original Feature Film, Writer

A sinister preacher in the 1800's leads an angry church mob to murder a farmer and his family, all to gain the coveted McKale farmland. In his dying breathe, the farmer incites an evil curse and vows his vengeance. An eerie calm settles over the land for centuries until one fateful night when the curse is accidentally unleashed and a group of misfit friends must fight to stay alive, discover the truth, and solve the criminal mystery before its too late.

Baseball's Last Hero
Original Feature Film, Producer

The film traces the life of the greatest right fielder of all time, as he faces and overcomes the racist reporters of the Pittsburgh Press and struggles to prove his talents despite the baseball writers conspiring to cheat him out of his due recognition.

A Lesson Of Love
Original Feature Film, Asst. Director
A Lesson of Love poster

A widowed teacher from Los Angeles is recruited to a small Appalachian college and falls in love with a deeply religious local woman. The unlikely love is torn apart by one's commitment to faith and the other's devotion to reason.

Hell or Hot Sauce
Original Short Film, Writer & Composer

Two Bulgarian brothers, charged by their mother's discovery that the family secret hot sauce recipe was stolen, go on a crime spree stealing all of the hot sauce from a chain of Mexican cantinas. (Spoof/Parody of Hell or High Water)

Nominated Toscars 2017 Best Screenplay

Nominated Toscars 2017 Best Song

Commercials and Corporate Videos

Samples of 30-60 second television and cable commercials, corporate videos, and more.  Roles included script writer, producer, and assistant director, varying based on project needs.

Additional Projects

Elizabeth has also developed scripts, online games, web applications and various content for the following websites:​

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