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An Emma Davis Romance:  Book Two

Celebrity Emma Davis only dreamed about making it in Hollywood one day and now here she is, living and loving life in Los Angeles... until she met Londoner Trent Collins at the famous Monte Carlo casino. Their worlds were turned upside-down in an unexpected night of steamy passion, changing their fates forever.


Trent gave up though and lost faith, ending their long-distance love affair... but now he wants a second chance to make things right, in Paris on New Years Eve!


Now Emma must decide if she's ready to trust Trent again, and move forward tackling the big questions to find out if his intentions are true... will she risk her heart again to find out? 

NYE in Paris... how romantic - or maybe not! Find out if a kiss at midnight rekindles their long-distance love affair, and how they both plan to move forward.

Read "A Night at the Monte Carlo" to find out how this love affair got its start!

Book no.1
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